Go Green

Exhibition Green Architecture for the Future Client Transsolar KlimaEngineering Location Louisiana – Museum of Modern Art, Copenhagen, Denmark Date 2009

In 2009, Humlebæk-based Louisiana Museum asked Frank to curate and design the ClimateEngineering part of their exhibition Green Architecture for the Future. Somehow they had seen Ecology.Design.Synergy, liked it and wanted to dedicate an important part within their exhibition to Transsolar. We liked that, too.

We found the output from the engineer's work like diagrams, curves and more diagrams really interesting and made them readable from a distance by blowing them up to room height. The outcome was amazing and gave the curved space together with our custom-designed floating lightboxes from fibre glass a very own atmosphere.

It was wonderful to see exhibition visitors taking a stroll through huge diagrams and slowly swinging lightboxes which had a poetical easiness you would not expect to find in an engineer's exhibition.