Education is the key to almost anything.
When we were asked to curate and design the exhibition Ecology.Design.Synergy we found most interesting to focus on the work process and different solutions or approaches to sustainability in the work of Stuttgart based offices Behnisch Architekten and Transsolar KlimaEngineering. Many outstanding projects have been realized during their long-time collaboration and a vast number of design concepts have been developed.

The outcome was a three-dimensional book, much more a comprehensive tool for students than a typical monographic slide show suited for expensive fingerfood and Prosecco during the opening.

Human Scale

Linking architectural content to the sensuous perception of mankind illustrates that a sensitive and responsible approach to the built environment is not only a matter for experts, but for each individual person. To put it in a nutshell - this turns the often quite complicated and technical aspects into something even my mother could understand.

We adapted the sensuous perception to architectural and engineering tasks related to comfort and qualities. As such the exhibition is structured by 5 areas – temperature, air, sound, light and material – with a quite important additional area that we called the human scale. Human scale adds psychological and philosophical aspects that obviously distinguish us from animals.


The start of the exhibition was back in 2006 in Berlin and we felt extremely courageous when suggesting 3 or 4 venues in North America. Nobody could expect what happened then. There has been a vast demand to show the exhibition worldwide, so we decided in 2007 to design an exhibition clone dedicated to travel asia while the "original" traveled the Americas.

To this day the exhibition has been displayed in 37 cities in 22 countries on 5 continents. This was only possible due to the tremendous support through the ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen) together with the Goethe Institutes.

2006/11 Berlin, Germany 2007/02 Dornbirn, Austria 2007/06 London, UK 2007/06 Manchester, UK 2007/08 GSD Harvard, Cambridge, MA, USA 2007/09 Mumbai, India 2007/10 YALE, New Haven, CT, USA 2008/02 Pittsburgh, PA, USA 2008/03 Singapore, Singapore 2008/09 Bandung, Indonesia 2008/10 Tangerang, Indonesia 2008/10 New York, NY, USA 2008/11 St. Louis, MO, USA 2009/02 Berkeley, CA, USA 2009/03 Chicago, IL, USA 2009/04 Bangkok, Thailand 2009/06 Monterrey, Mexico 2009/08 Canberra, Australia 2009/09 Mexico City, Mexico 2009/10 Auckland, New Zealand 2010/01 Guadalajara, Mexico 2010/02 Shanghai, China 2010/03 Los Angeles, USA 2010/04 Kanton, China 2010/06 Toronto, ON, Canada 2010/07 Hanoi, Vietnam 2011/01 Abu Dhabi, UAE 2011/04 Boston, MA, USA 2012/01 Beirut, Lebanon 2011/10 Amman, Jordan 2012/09 Novosibirsk, Russia 2012/10 Moscow, Russia 2013/09 Haifa, Israel 2014/02 Tashkent, Uzbekistan 2014/08 Durban, South Africa 2015/03 Nicosia, Cyprus 2015/10 Madrid, Spain 2016/04 Stuttgart, Germany