Project Ozeaneum
Client Behnisch Architekten
Location Stralsund Completion 2008

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish could the dolphins from Douglas Adam's fourth book of his Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy trilogy be quoted when they departed planet earth just before its demolition. Completely contrary to the pack of penguins, which shortly after the genesis of the Ozeaneum related their newly built territory on the roof of the same.

Dolphins and penguins, whales, fish, fish and other fish, a submarine and the earth are members of the graphical language, stenciled on the foyer facades like on a big ship's hull, readable from a distance across the big open museum space.

Located at the waterfront of the Stralsund harbour the Ozeaneum itself transforms to a safe harbour for floating-by minds of fellow visitors.


We all are lost, we know that. But especially people in a museum with dark spaces, complex geometry, non-linear exhibition routes and a trizillion of possible shortcuts are really lost. Luckily, at least since the Grimm brothers told us something about a certain Hansel and Gretel the basic idea of bread crumbs floats in the air of a designer's mind.

Today and with the ability of electric power in our pocket, the definition of bread crumbs has been shifted slightly away from the literal meaning of crumbling bread. Great idea in dark rooms.