Swimming Dot

Project Sportbad Friedrichshafen Location Friedrichshafen, Germany
Architecture Behnisch Architekten, Stuttgart
Completion 2019


A swimming pool is a swimming pool is a swimming pool since they were conquered by the same knights of organizing kingdom one might think. You enter with all your cloths and your shoes neatly attached to your body, pay your ticket, proceed through the gate, start to sweat as temperature and humidity rise, change and moisten your skin with some water before you go jump into the pool. The same procedure rewound, and you find yourself outside the building again.

So, why on earth should this common principle need signage?
Well, it's always nice to find confirmation for intuitive decisions. Even if it is just a question of pressing down the handle of the right toilet door.

Grids are everywhere in this project. Mostly from the linear kind, but at the latest when it comes to showering and tiling also the square and circular ones. The font that we designed for the Sportbad is based on the grid of the building's mosaic tiles and offers a nice counterpoint to the architectural repertoire.


The Sportbad shares both, a huge concrete wall and the graphical language with the parking garage next door.

What has been said about icons for the parking garage also applies to here, besides the color stuff.