Project NCT-Nationales Centrum für Tumorerkrankungen
Client Behnisch Architekten
Location Heidelberg Date 2010


Hospitals can be of depressing kind and wayfinding graphics to be found there tend to be purely facility-management-driven. Patients, visitors and guests of the National Center for Tumour Diseases deserve not only the best medical treatment available, but also an unexpectedly cheerful extension of their visual horizon at hand. This is especially true for the hospitals-connecting passageway on the basement floor, where bold letters paired with daylight transform into fancy subjects.


We love grids, especially the square ones. Nothing is more durable than a permanent beta and nothing is more flexible than a solid grid. In an environment, where doctor occupancy changes on a daily basis, an analog door sign quickly reaches its limits. True, until our custom-built MDF boards with magnetically-held name bars entered the scene. Every doctor has his own name bar peacefully waiting in the assistant's drawer to be assigned to a specific room in no time.