Project Fair stand Nimbus
Client Nimbus Group
Location Hall 1.2, Light + Building 2018, Frankfurt a. M.
Date 03/2018

In an ideal world restraints can help the designer overcome the agony of making the first stroke on a blank sheet of white paper. After luckily been comissioned to design not just another, but another light+building fair booth for Nimbus Lighting, we learned restrictions were overwhelming. Shocker!

At the end, budgetary and time limits have led to a simple and consequent, yet appealing and beautiful booth design. Now, how could this happen?

Not only is the spatial design based on just 2 simple elements – lines and faces – also the use of different materials is reduced to steel for linear and wood for flat elements. The resulting spatial system of lines and surfaces creates a differentiated architectural landscape from floors, walls and ceilings. Modular scaffolding tubes are joined together to provide a base grid, in which boards of pine plywood are fitted, wherever surfaces are desired.

No children were harmed, no victims were made and no construction materials were scrapped. The scaffolding returned to its original purpose and the pine plywood boards started their second life after being donated to a sheltered workshop.