Project Fair stand Nimbus
Client Nimbus Group
Location Hall 3.1, Light + Building 2016, Frankfurt a. M.
Date 03/2016


Small trade booths are often treated like junk rooms and stuffed like a christmas goose. There seems to be a secret competition between exhibitors about the phenomenal amount of exhibits they can display in even the smallest area. We are proud to announce ourselves as loosing out on this contest.

Adding another monolith to Stanley's Odyssee we placed a huge architectural model on the booth. The so-called cloud intelligence of objects, in this case LED luminaires in scale 1:10, can be experienced and evaluated.

Black and white almost as consequent as the superb Ilford PAN F films in our analog times.


The monolith is cut into two halfs, the upper part lifted one storey and resting on the columns of the office space model, the lower part not only forming the lower building levels, but also housing a huge amount of sensors, circuitery and a mysterious system of magnetic rails. Custom developed and coded Arduino boards detect 3D-printed figures in the model, control lighting levels or start lighting scenes whilst reacting on user interventions. It never seems too late for a happy and fulfilling childhood.