Project Print kid's books
Client Nimbus Group
Date 2008, 2012

Das Buch von der Kuh 36

Right after we finished our design for the light+building fair stand back in 2008, we went to our clients for something that was supposed to be a final meeting before construction would start. The design was as minimalistic as possible, a white space with a white monolithic counter in the middle, a mirrored rear wall and a cloud-like ceiling with some 300 LED luminaires. Bright white and nothing else.

At one point our clients stumbled over their own braveness and asked an awkward question: How can we communicate that we are a green company?

Plenty of ideas were blooming from the soil of the marketing department like let's put green plants all over the stand or let's write it in big letters on the mirrored wall...

After two hours of listening we proposed an idea that got us immediately and directly into big trouble: We should break it down to the level of a kid's book which you could give to your visitors. Damn. They liked it. And it left us a couple of weeks to write and design a kid's book...

The protagonist, Kuh 36, named after the archetype of all Nimbus LED luminaires, Q 36, leaves its stable, meets the windmill Mr. Linksherum (Mr. Anticlockwise), gets lost, comes upon a bunch of fireflies who illuminate the Kuh 36's way back home, goes to bed and switches the light off so that Mr. Linksherum can sleep aswell.

Ruhe im Wald!

Acoustics are not so well visible to mankind and as such always hard to explain. So for our second kid's book that came into existence for the room acoustics brand of Nimbus, we were seeking for some corresponding images and feelings connected to listening experiences.


I can't recall who's idea it was with the potato prints, but I am afraid it was our's. Carving birds, foxes, wild hogs, owls and trees from potatos is fun. But snowflakes... Anyway, we needed the snow to cover everything in the forest so that all this yelling and shouting of the animals was muted down and quiet could return to the forest.