Project Speed Skating Stadium Inzell
Client Behnisch Architekten
Location Inzell Completion 2011

Designing an orientation and wayfinding scheme for an ice skating rink proofed to be quite a challenge. The key for successful visitor guidance was a consequently implemented readability in both, macro- and microscale. Bold colors distinguish the 4 visitor blocks and huge pixelated letters provide additional support. That during the world championship 2011 the dutch supporters would all sit in the orange painted block was neither intended nor predictable, but in some way intensified our color concept drastically. Typo and graphic principles use pixelation to create a unique and distinctive identity. And adds some Atari-like gamer's delight atmosphere which we like. Choose by yourself what might have been the intention during design phase.



Warm colors contradict the expectedly cold ice. The tones for the 4 blocks are picked from a quite narrow color range, as such preventing a too much parrot-like appearance, however retaining a colorful look and feel.