Project Haus im Haus – Hamburg Chamber of Commerce
Client Behnisch Architekten
Location Hamburg Completion 2007

Matryoshkas are nesting dolls, no doubt about that. They are handmade of wood, feature decreasing sizes, all fitting inside of each other, one by one.
Neither of the above applies to the Haus im Haus project. But the fact that originally, the biggest doll represents a strong female matriarch, with something in her stomach and as such stands for fertility and motherhood.
Just as the self-understanding of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce one might think.
Just a little more inclined to patriarchy perhaps.


Does a small structure like the Haus im Haus actually require wayfinding signage?
Well, if it is a building with small footprint but four upper storeys, the answer is yes. And even if the very long stair is a great architectural element, it still remains a very long stair.

Signage graphics are prone to getting lost in the creative battle of the actors "Historic Building" and "Superclean Object" if they get too close to one or the other.
"Stay away, dude, do your own thang!"