Dentist Dr. Schaaff

Project Corporate Design Dentist clinic Dr. Schaaff
Client Dr. med. dent. Sibylle Schaaff
Location Stuttgart, Germany Date 2013

Who is afraid of the dentist? I am. Are you? Do you remember the smell of a dental practice and even more alarming the terrifying sounds of these beige whitish torture machines? The taste of blood in your mouth. The impossibility to answer the questions of the dentist with your mouth full of tools. The urge to swallow but it does not work. The pain in the jaw after a time-consuming treatment.

The relief after leaving the practice.

What if relief could be experienced by entering a dental practice?
What if the dentist's logo would not be a tooth? What if softly curved delicate lines played around the bent walls of the practice? What if these were to form a figurative mark, referring to the first letter of the dentist?

No fear. No pain. Relax yourself.
And listen to the magical music that comes from the monster machines. Ouch.