Cordless Mayhem

Project Fair stand Metabo
Client Metabo
Location Hall B6, BAU 2017, Munich
Date 01/2017


Electric Power Tool manufacturers tend to define and distinguish themselves through the color of their tools. Bosch Professional is blue, Makita is cyanish blue-green-something, Milwaukee is red, but not as red as Hilti, Fein is orange, DeWalt is yellow and Metabo is green.

What a simple world this could be.

If you want to make an omelette, you have to break some eggs and in designing the series of new Metabo booths, we've given the simple world something to nibble on.


Studying a Corporate Design Manual carefully sometimes opens a bunch of totally new options. What we found was astonishing – Metabo had much more colors on offer besides the somewhat aged green what can be found on their power tools. Also, their battery packs feature a rubber piece in one of these other colors, a bright and well saturated red.

This is the basic link to the booth design.
How not can you design a fair booth, only showcasing battery powered tools, without making use of this complementary color to green?

To not completely dumping all comfort zones we kept the exterior facade in the main brand color – green – and everything on the inside related to products is colored red. Another Corporate Design color – black – defines supplementary zones like reception, screen presentation and catering areas.