Project Behnisch Architekten Magazin
Client Behnisch Architekten
Award Best of Corporate Publishing 2014 in Gold, Sonderpreis Cover des Jahres (b/01)


A myriad of architectural books is available out there. The range spreads from heavy monographs to oversized coffe-table books, ready to jump directly into your book shelf, somewhere between Vitruvius and the Neufert Bauentwurfslehre. Books that dissolve in the wasteland of misspent printer's ink as time passes by.

Architects often strive to create something timeless and eternal. Fail with announcement. Why not create something with a certain period of validity. Something that may find its way into the trash basket once its time has come and where it doesn't feel forbidden to tear out pages you like. And that will be replaced by something even nicer after a year or two. A periodical was born. The Behnisch Architekten Magazin.

b/01 was edited around the subject of diversity of living and explored different approaches from both, the office's perspective as well as an outside view by several essays and interviews.


Saying 1 inevitably demands the 2. As such b/02 was published on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Behnisch offices. Finding a matching subject indeed was a not-so-difficult quest.

During these 25 years, the Behnisch offices changed their names like others their leased cars. Changing names sounds easy, but all the rest like letter heads, business cards and stamps can be quite a mess. It made a nice image at least, as we used the different office stamps to stamp a 25 on the front cover.